Provincial Elections & Stuff…

4 03 2008

Well I did my civic duty and voted yesterday in the Alberta provincial elections.  The candidate I voted for did not win (yet ANOTHER Conservative majority in Alberta… do people ever learn.. but I digress).

The turnout was absolutely shambolic.  I read today the turnout rate was about 41% of eligible voters in the province, down from the poor 44% of the previous elections.  I left work about 20 minutes early to get there that much earlier and, hopefully, avoid the queues.  When I got to my polling station I was the *ONLY* one in it (bar voting officers).  I’ve never seen that before in any election I’ve voted in.  I guess the virtually empty car park should have tipped me off (here was my worried about having to park on the street somewhere).  A bit worrying… I dont particularly like our current provincial government so I tried to do something about it (and if I did like the government I’d turn up anyway to support them).

Makes you wonder what the reasons for the low turnout is?  Disenfranchised with the system?  Don’t care?  Satisfied with status-quo?  Why?

Very disappointing regardless of the outcome.  You may not like the outcome but at least participate and make your voice heard.

On the plus side I played soccer on Sunday and I had my first clean sheet in I don’t know how long!  Yay!