Lego for the rest of us!

14 12 2007

I was listening to a BBC news podcast on the way to work and they did a review of a book called “Forbidden Lego”.  Lego for the rest of us!  Apparently these were plans for lego sets/building instructions that were canned for various reasons… the fact they were viewed as dangerous being one of them.

 This ex-Lego engineer (why would anyone be an ex-Lego engineer… that sounds like one of the most fun jobs on the planet) has published a book with some of these “forbidden” plans for you to try.  Looks like fun!  This book is in the top 500 sellers list on Amazon.

Forbidden Lego Book

I looked up the book on the net when I got into work and the page even has a you tube video demonstrating the fully automatic lego gun you can create…  Click the picture to follow the link 🙂