Xmas Dinner #1

23 12 2007

The holiday season is well and truly here.  Xmas dinner #1 was last night.  I am well and truly stuffed (bleh) but it can’t be helped.  All dietary conservatism goes out the window…  With things like egg-nog freely available there is simply no way to resist.

It’s always good to hang out with your friends.  Often you will spend more time with people you don’t spend the time you should with throughout the year.  It makes you thankful for the friends and the life you do lead.  Things could be much worse despite the crises that seem to be entering our lives at the moment (See last couple of postings and add our Furnace quitting on us to the list).

Other activities included cards (rummy, but I don’t play), various weird WII games along with their creepy avatars (It’s a neat concept but I’m not 100% sold on the Nintendo WII just yet) and Trivial Pursuit.  Trivial pursuit is especially pointless for me due to my complete lack of pop-culture knowledge (I guess it was the 90’s edition, apparently I was completely AWOL during that time; additionally I learned that having notseen Grease is apparently a bad thing if not completely shocking!).  It was still fun though as it’s the company you are after really.

A chance for a bit of escapism from your every day life!  Roll on Christmas!