Similarities between Brits & Canadians…

22 11 2007

My brother came up last weekend to visit for my birthday.  We went to see the Flames beat the Oilers at Rexal and the game was awesome.  Sitting 3rd row by the Oilers bench was fun too 🙂

Anyway.  We were talking about ways he could get to his office and around Edmonton (he manages the pre-press for Calgary and Edmonton for a printing company) and I found myself giving him directions using the locations of Tim Hortons as landmarks… this reminds me to how when I lived in England one used to give directions using pubs as landmarks….

The differences are stark too sometimes.  For example, our Canadian love of hockey and our hockey supporters are clearly more sophisticated than footy supporters.  Rather than having the fans fight each other before/after/during the match we have our hockey players do it for us on the ice while we sit back and enjoy the game.  A much better way to incorporate violence into sport…

Kind of funny….