Clue finder…

30 10 2007

Fantastic!  The perfect product for the clueless!  Keeps with the theme of the blog title too 🙂  Who said web surfing was a waste of time… This also qualifies as probably the most useful product Norton has ever come out with.

Ever wonder if Peter Norton was a real person?  I always suspected he was just a cardboard cutout they dragged out of the closet for photo-ops and book cover pictures.

 Norton Cluefinder!

Perfect for the Oiler fan in your life who thinks they will see the postseason!!!


Oilers… cup within reach?

17 10 2007

I saw this ad on facebook and it made me smile.  It proudly proclaims that “The Stanley Cup is within reach” and goes on to advertise great seats to Oilers games.

A bit premature isn’t it?  It’s:

  1. The beginning of the season so it’s hardly within reach and
  2. The Oilers missed the playoffs last year and will probably miss them again this year.


Oilers… cup within reach?