Ads, what were they thinking?

10 01 2008

Take a close look at the ad below.  I snapped this pic on my camera phone at a train station during my daily commute to work.  The topic itself is a serious one but whoever took the photo on the add clearly wasn’t thinking.  If you check out the angle fo the car with respect to the roads in the intersection it looks like the driver WENT for the pedestrian (the car is pointing towards a corner of the intersection).  I don’t know what kind of attention this driver was paying when he was trying to get up on the sidewalk!  Kind of funny in a messed up way.

Intersection Safety Ad


Lego for the rest of us!

14 12 2007

I was listening to a BBC news podcast on the way to work and they did a review of a book called “Forbidden Lego”.  Lego for the rest of us!  Apparently these were plans for lego sets/building instructions that were canned for various reasons… the fact they were viewed as dangerous being one of them.

 This ex-Lego engineer (why would anyone be an ex-Lego engineer… that sounds like one of the most fun jobs on the planet) has published a book with some of these “forbidden” plans for you to try.  Looks like fun!  This book is in the top 500 sellers list on Amazon.

Forbidden Lego Book

I looked up the book on the net when I got into work and the page even has a you tube video demonstrating the fully automatic lego gun you can create…  Click the picture to follow the link 🙂

Dell joins the war on terror!

4 12 2007

I was looking up the specs for the CDRW drive on my work Dell laptop.  I found a Dell support site that gives the information I was looking for.  Fortunately, for our safety, they also had an interesting clause at the bottom regarding “export” regulations.  It reads as follows:

Customer acknowledges that these Products, which may include technology and software, are subject to the customs and export control laws and regulations of the United States (” U.S.”) and may also be subject to the customs and export laws and regulations of the country in which the Products are manufactured and/or received. Customer agrees to abide by those laws and regulations. Further, under U.S. law, the Products may not be sold, leased or otherwise transferred to restricted end-users or to restricted countries. In addition, the Products may not be sold, leased or otherwise transferred to, or utilized by an end-user engaged in activities related to weapons of mass destruction, including without limitation, activities related to the design, development, production or use of nuclear weapons, materials, or facilities, missiles or the support of missile projects, and chemical or biological weapons.”

I’ll sleep much better at night now knowing my CDROM won’t be used in the design, development, production of nuclear weapons, WMD, etc.

You can see the original site here

Similarities between Brits & Canadians…

22 11 2007

My brother came up last weekend to visit for my birthday.  We went to see the Flames beat the Oilers at Rexal and the game was awesome.  Sitting 3rd row by the Oilers bench was fun too 🙂

Anyway.  We were talking about ways he could get to his office and around Edmonton (he manages the pre-press for Calgary and Edmonton for a printing company) and I found myself giving him directions using the locations of Tim Hortons as landmarks… this reminds me to how when I lived in England one used to give directions using pubs as landmarks….

The differences are stark too sometimes.  For example, our Canadian love of hockey and our hockey supporters are clearly more sophisticated than footy supporters.  Rather than having the fans fight each other before/after/during the match we have our hockey players do it for us on the ice while we sit back and enjoy the game.  A much better way to incorporate violence into sport…

Kind of funny….

Politcal Corrrectness Gone Mad… again…

14 11 2007

A friend of mine sent this link around.  It’s pretty unbelivable really… I am not sure what is wrong with some people these days.,22606,22737250-5006301,00.html

John Scalzi’s Review on the Creationist Museum

14 11 2007

Here is an entertaining review of a creationism museum (This is not the one that recently opened up it’s doors around Red Deer Alberta, this one is located in the States).

I shamelessly ripped this link off from a friend’s blog (The Doom that came to Cowtown, you can see his link the blogroll).  Always cite your refrences 🙂

Apparantly T-Rexes were vegetarians for a period of time.

Follow the following link to see John Scalzi’s review on the creationist museum:

To be fair, the museum itself has a web page you can find at:

You decide…

Clue finder…

30 10 2007

Fantastic!  The perfect product for the clueless!  Keeps with the theme of the blog title too 🙂  Who said web surfing was a waste of time… This also qualifies as probably the most useful product Norton has ever come out with.

Ever wonder if Peter Norton was a real person?  I always suspected he was just a cardboard cutout they dragged out of the closet for photo-ops and book cover pictures.

 Norton Cluefinder!

Perfect for the Oiler fan in your life who thinks they will see the postseason!!!